API Release v1.6.1.2419

New features:

  • BE Create public endpoint that provides transfers/payments data
  • Make userId Field Required in Holdings/Portfolio Call
  • Add Support for Wallet Names in CatalogLink Call
  • Support for Doge Chain
  • Update Integrations to Provide Auth and Refresh Tokens in accountTokens Array
  • Add NativeSymbol field to networks response
  • Add status for each deFiWallet to /status/ endpoint
  • Added support for MKR, LINK, SHIB, DAI, LEO, MNT, SAND, MKR, TUSD tokens for Ethereum
  • Implement international balances for IBKR

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed various bugs in TdAmeritrade, Binance, Bybit
  • Fixed WeBull issue in Sandbox
  • Fixed "network not found" error occurring while connecting DeFi wallets
  • Fixed Binance cancel transaction / get transaction details issue
  • Fixed Bitfinex Orders Feature Support