Add package dependency FrontLinkSDKPackage or download FrontLinkSDK.xcframework from the latest release and add to your project manually.

Launch Catalog

The app should use a proprietary API that fetches a catalogLink with Mesh API using your ClientID and API key for each brokerage account connection session.

Set up GetFrontLinkSDK with the catalogLink

SDK Setup Example

        let catalogLink = ...
        GetFrontLinkSDK.setup(catalogLink: catalogLink)

Create and present a view controller for brokerage account connection

Creating a View Controller Example

    brokerConnectViewController = GetFrontLinkSDK.brokerConnectWebViewController(brokersManager: brokersManager, delegate: self)
    present(brokerConnectViewController, animated: true)

or use a convenience method

Broker Connect Convenience

GetFrontLinkSDK.connectBrokers(in: self, delegate: self)

Implement a delegate class that conforms to BrokerConnectViewControllerDelegate protocol.

If you use GetFrontLinkSDK.connectBrokers(), implement the following delegate function to store a reference to the view controller

setBrokerConnectViewController delegate method

var brokerConnectViewController: UIViewController?

func setBrokerConnectViewController(_ viewController: UIViewController) {
  brokerConnectViewController = viewController

Implement this function to handle a brokerage account(s) connection. Some brokerage companies allow to have subaccounts, in case you connect an account with multiple sub-accounts accounts parameter keeps an array of accounts.

accountsConnected delegate method

func accountsConnected(_ accounts: [FrontLinkSDK.BrokerAccountable]) {

Implement the following function to discard brokerConnectViewController depending on how you created it

closeViewController delegate method

func closeViewController(withConfirmation: Bool) {
  let onClose = {
      brokerConnectViewController?.dismiss(animated: true)
  guard withConfirmation else {
  let alert = UIAlertController(title: ..., message: ..., preferredStyle: .alert)
  alert.addAction(UIAlertAction(title: "OK", style: .default, handler: { _ in
  alert.addAction(UIAlertAction(title: "Cancel", style: .cancel))
  brokerConnectViewController?.present(alert, animated: true)

Implement the following functions if you'd like to indicate a progress of content loading. You can keep default loading animation or replace it with your custom one

showProgress, hideProgress delegate methods

func showProgress() {

func hideProgress() {

Store/Load connected accounts

GetFrontLinkSDK.defaultBrokersManager stores the connected brokerage account data in the keychain and allows to load it.
GetFrontLinkSDK.defaultBrokersManager.brokers is an actual array of connected brokerage accounts.